BlueWritten by Gordon R. Sparks. Illustrated by Chelsea Anderton.

Sick and poorly-fed, a puny pup is miserable. His future is uncertain. But things take a turn for the better when the little dog finds himself adopted by new owners.

Blue’s new parents feed him well and nurse him to good health. He’s living like a king with his loving family–until life brings a few more challenges. He experiences both joy and dismay, but he is always loved.

Children everywhere will enjoy this short tale of Blue, a happy miniature Dachshund. Follow the curious puppy on his adventurous and fun-filled life shared with kind friends, both humans and animals.

Gordon R. Sparks is a retired husband, father, and grandfather from Alabama. Through the years, he has spent many happy hours with faithful canine friends.

Softcover. 30 pages. ISBN 9781934788073.

The Army Chaplain second printing released with new cover

The Army ChaplainSparklight Press has released a second printing of The Army Chaplain: His Office, Duties, and Responsibilities, and the Means of Aiding Him by William Young Brown. The new printing features an updated cover design and updated text layout. The text of the book is unchanged with the exception of minor typographical corrections. Pagination has been updated slightly in the new printing.

The Army Chaplain: His Office, Duties, and Responsibilities, and the Means of Aiding Himwas originally published in 1863. William Young Brown, the author, was one of the first Army hospital chaplains. President Abraham Lincoln personally requested that Brown serve in this position prior to the authorization of military hospital chaplains by Congress.

This historic text contains advice and guidance for military chaplains in all positions. While circumstances of the Nineteenth Century were different than those faced today, the principles contained herein are applicable for ministry in today’s military environment. Chaplains will find in this book encouragement and admonition to be wholly engaged in preaching the gospel and in providing pastoral care to those in their charge.

This reprint edition includes the unabridged text in a new typesetting.

Softcover. 142 pages. ISBN 9781934788004.